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Voice and Electronics Soundscape



All voice is breath. All phonation starts with inhalation. 


‘Inspired’ underlines the relationship between air and voice through a transformation of breaths and notes. Reversing inhalations to create the sound of an exhaled note without control, Daniela alludes to an imperfect voice burdened with injury.


Audible inhalations, or aspirated phonations, are also characteristic of the Icelandic language. 


The cyclical nature of the piece mimics how we breathe: an inhalation always comes after an exhalation. 


Throughout the piece, airy breath sounds become defined notes with increasing resonance, as the vocal cords are slowly activated, and the injury is healed.

Air Pressure


The piece was born with recordings of human breathing, processed through a Roland RC-202 looper, and recorded in a DAW.

A vocal improvisation was layered on top of the breath cycle.

The piece can be performed with a live looper (as shown above), or as a recorded soundscape. It also serves as a base for additional improvisation.

Screenshot 2024-02-02 at 10.31.24 AM.png
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