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In collaboration with Vala Yates



Water doesn’t warn us when it’s coming; it just flows. As the earth floods and storms, the sky rains and dries, and the surface is submerged and scorched, so does the human body maintain a cyclical connection to water. The abundance or lack of water informs the movements and stillness of planetary and earthly bodies alike.

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Waterflow is a participatory performance created by Daniela Amado and Vala Yates, and inspired by the five stages of the Earth’s water cycle: groundwater, evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and run-off. Participants engage in a series of movements (or non-movements) that “flow” through and between each stage, with differing levels of intensity or stillness, during which an inward focus is encouraged. The piece seeks to reconnect to our natural balance by calming the nervous system and awakening our awareness of water as it enters and leaves our body.

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The venue is conditioned to be comfortable and calming for all present. For example, Mats, rugs, and pillows are placed on the floor, the lights are dimmed, and water is provided to drink as part of the performance.


The facilitator, without speaking, guides the participants through five stages or "movements". 

In turn, the performance results in sounds that allude to the water stage (for example: feet lightly stepping on mats recreates the sound of rainfall).

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